Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beyond Brave

We have had a sad couple of weeks.  It was a Thursday afternoon when I got a call in my classroom that my daughter’s favorite dog (her grandma’s) was going to have to be put to sleep.  It happed rather quickly.  Tuesday she had gotten sick and needed a blood transfusion. My sister is a vet tech and was able to get her in very quickly to see a specialist.  She had her procedure and was doing better that night and the next day.  However, Thursday she took a turn for the worse.

This dog, Sandy, meant everything to my daughter, Madison.  When I asked Madison what she wanted for Christmas, she said, “All I want is Sandy.”  When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, “I just want Sandy,” she would say.  See, Sandy was my grandpa’s dog, but my grandpa passed away in August.  Since my grandpa lived with my mom, she kept Sandy once he passed away.  Maddie thought that maybe there was a chance that we could keep Sandy.  Sandy shed so badly.  She also barked like crazy and would run away.  I told Madison that Sandy was happy at Grammy’s house, but we could go visit her often!  And we did.  Any time we would go to Grammy’s, the first thing Maddie would do is run over to Sandy and pick her up like a big baby!  She would cuddle with her, rock her, and even take selfies with her!  She loved that dog like crazy.

Maddie and Sandy at Grammy's house

When I got the call, it stopped me dead in my tracks because I knew Madison would be heart broken.  My sister had gone to pick up Sandy at the specialist's office and was taking her back to the veterinary clinic that she worked for to be put down.  I asked my sister if she could bring Sandy by our school to let Maddie say her goodbyes.  I then called her teacher and told her what was going on.  I told Maddie too.  When my sister got there, we walked out and met her and Sandy at the car.
Maddie saying her goodbyes
We were both crying and when we opened the door, there was Sandy, lying there in her little dog bed.  The tears streamed down both of our faces.  My heart ached for my little girl.  Something so precious was about to be taken from her.  She was forced to have to say goodbye.  She wasn’t ready to say goodbye, but she had to.  And, she had to do it at school.  I couldn’t believe she was having to go through this.  We stood there at the car for about 5 minutes just petting Sandy and crying.  I told Maddie that we had to say our last goodbyes.  We walked into the planning room and cried some more together, and I hugged the mess out of her.  I told her that she was so brave.  I knew it was so hard for her, but she was so courageous.  We prayed for her and for Sandy.  I asked the Lord to comfort her and thanked Him for giving me such a strong and brave daughter.  How amazing.  How can I be blessed with such an amazing daughter?  I am beyond proud of her.  I had to get back to class (I had my door partner covering for me) and told Madison that I wished I could stay in there and hug her forever.  She told me that she was ready to go back to class.  I told her she could go into the restroom and clean up and go back when she was ready.  All I could think about is how brave she was.  She had to go back to class and function.  She had to go back and work.  My heart just hurt.  That night and over the last couple of weeks, we have spent time crying, reminiscing, and praying.  Prayers for strength and comfort.  Tears of sadness and loss.  And smiles of good times that were shared with Sandy.  We will miss Sandy for sure.  Maddie will never forget her and will always cherish the time she had with her.  She will keep her little clay paw print that my sister made for her in a safe place and will cherish the sweet note that her class made for her.  And, I hope that she will always remember that she can get through anything.  She is a strong girl.  She is courageous.  She is amazing.  She is loved and cherished. She is beyond brave.  

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