About Me

Hi y'all!  I am Alisha Satterwhite from Texas!  I am a busy wife, mom, teacher, and lover of Jesus!  I taught 1st grade for 8 years and then stayed home for a couple of years.  I am now a second grade teacher and LOVE it!!  I have a Teachers Pay Teachers store and blog over at iTeach Second too.  My husband is a fire fighter with a local fire department had has a great schedule.  We have been married for over 14 years now, and I could not have been blessed with a more amazing husband and best friend!  

My husband, Luke, and I 

My son is now in 4th grade and loves soccer, drawing, and video games.  My daughter is in 3rd grade and loves animals, arts and crafts, and anything girly!  They go to school with me, which is quite nice. I am able to keep tabs on them!  Ha!
Madison and Logan (Logan is older! He wants everyone to know!)

Our family loves the outdoors and traveling.  We love game nights and just hanging out watching a movie together. We have been blessed with great family and friends and love sharing time with them as well!   Most of all, we love God and love to share how he has moved in our lives!

The Satterwhite Family

Here is the bible verse we live by...

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