Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting in the Spirit!

Well, I have not had much time to blog lately!  I have been working hard on getting some new Thanksgiving and Christmas products out and a couple of other things.  I wanted to share a few of them with you!  


At our school, we did a fall party the Friday before Halloween.  I wanted to incorporate some fun activities, and one of them was bingo!  It was Thanksgiving Bingo, but they didn’t care! The kids LOVED this.  They kept asking me the next week if we could play again.  I plan to make a Halloween one for next year!


While I was on a roll of making bingo, I make a Thanksgiving DIY Bingo, a Christmas Bingo, and a Christmas DIY Bingo.  I have already had a few people tell me that their kiddos really enjoyed it! 

I also have some cute Thanksgiving and fall cards.  I usually get some baked goods or something small from my kiddos for Thanksgiving.  During this time of year, my kids love to bake cookies and they know how much I love yummy treats!  I like to thank them by sending home a small thank you note! 

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We also did a cute pumpkin measuring lab in the classroom.  Each student brought in a small pumpkin.  They got to measure it, see if it floated or sunk, and more!  They were really hyped up about this day!  I made a page to go along with it!

I also like to plan something fun for the students to do around Christmas.  I do a traveling snowman since many of my students don't celebrate Christmas.  Many teachers though like to use an Elf on the Shelf or another fun stuffed animal.  I created this to go along with this activity.  You just need a stuffed animal, a reusable grocery bag (I got a snowflake one), and copies of the activity page and color sheets.  I make this into a book and a different student gets to take the bag home nightly.  They love it!

I hope you find some of these products usefully as we zoom into the holidays!  I will be giving away a FREE holiday set of your choosing to one of my lucky followers.  So, be sure to follow by blog AND comment below with your favorite holiday activity to be included in the drawing!   


  1. I love Christmas holidays and my favorite activity is visiting family!!!
    I am your newest follower #72

    1. Thank you Mia!! I love that too! I can't wait!!